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Advantages to decluttering!

I recently spent a day decluttering a home during which time I heard “oh is that where that was” and “thank you so much, I’ve been looking for that for ages” and the saddest one “oh no … I just bought a new of those because I couldn’t find that one”(I heard that twice).

finding things that go missing is just one advantage of decluttering.

The other benefit of decluttering is the reduction of mental stress – with my psychologist hat on, I can tell you that living in a mess or with clutter around you unconsciously places you in a slightly stressed mental state. This is why meditation, the sound of running water and peaceful tranquil areas are the antidote, they are relaxing – You free your mind when you free up space in your environment.

The reduction of waste is yet another benefit of sorting and decluttering. Not only waste of money due to the need to replace lost items, but waste of time looking for lost items. I believe one of the most valuable aspects of life is “time” – it is the only thing we can never regain once it has passed hence when everything is in place you will no longer waste valuable looking for things, as I have always said “there is a place for everything and everything in its place”.

Finally – hidden treasure – that lost medal your child received in year 3, the old photo of your grandmother you were given by your aunt Joyce and so on.

It can never be wrong to declutter.


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